Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Smart Card Geared to Convenience and Safety Conscious Consumers

As banks continue to innovate around the use and rewards structure of both debit and credit cards, the penetration of smart cards in the United States has lagged other countries. That may soon change, however, after Pittsburgh-based Dynamics, Inc. won the first prize ($1,000,000) 'DemoGod' award at this week's Demo tech start-up conference in Silicon Valley.

Leveraging a programmable magnetic stripe that can be changed at any time (but still able to be read at today's magnetic stripe POS readers) the MultiAccount card can carry different card accounts on one piece of razor thin plastic.

Friday, September 3, 2010

What's in Your Wallet?

In the past, bank marketers have relied on models based on demographic, geographic, psychographic and purchase variables to better understand their customers and prospects. Some financial institutions even use attitudinal, lifestyle or customer value segmentation to improve the targeting of their marketing communications.

As consumers are provided more and more options as to how to transact business and make payments, however, a better way to segment may be achieved by using advanced behavioral segmentation based on payment decisions. In other words, when consumers open their checkbook, reach for their wallet, turn on their computer, or use their phone, what payment option they choose may help bank marketers improve targeted engagement, channel and relationship expansion communication.