Thursday, March 28, 2013

How Good Is Your Bank's Website Performance?

When determining how well your bank or credit union's website is performing, a number of factors need to be considered beyond visits alone. 

How long does a visiter spend on your site? Do they visit more than one page during a visit? How many pages do they visit? Is your website optimized for both smartphones and tablets?

In a just released report entitled, "Best of the Best Benchmark", Adobe examines six primary site performance metrics across five different industries to show the norms and areas of excellence. Even though supporting data provided by Adobe is rather sparse, financial marketers can still use these metrics as a guide to evaluate their website's performance and to provide impetus to make websites more powerful.

Time Spent on Website

Time spent on a website is probably the most important metric for determining site engagement. As could be expected, the amount of time spent on a top-performing financial institution website (6.77 minutes) is more than 5 minutes less than the time spent on an entertainment site (11.84 minutes) where content is robust. Interestingly, the variance between the best and the rest within the media and entertainment category is the largest, indicating that not all entertainment sites are . . . entertaining.

Adobe noted in their research that video is the most powerful content to use in social media because of the engagement value. While banks are just beginning to add video as part of their website experience, custom product and service videos could definitely increase engagement for financial firms (I covered the power of video in my February 27 post entitled, "Improving Bank Onboarding, Cross-Selling and Retention With Personalized Video").
Source: Adobe, "Best of the Best Benchmark", March 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

CommBank Introduces Kaching For Facebook and 'Signals' Insight Platform

Commonwealth Bank of Australia continues to be one of the bank innovation leaders, announcing two social-based platforms this week. 'Kaching for Facebook' is an extension of the already popular Kaching smartphone app covered in a previous Bank Marketing Strategy post, allowing customers to do basic transactions within the Facebook website. 

In addition, CommBank introduced the 'Signals' insight hub that collects transactional data to allow customers to view and share how their transaction patterns compare with others.

Kaching Comes to Facebook

CommBank Kaching for Facebook is a new app that will give Australia's 12 million Facebook users access to everyday banking and payments on their favorite social network. Based on the popular Kaching mobile payments app, the new app lets users pay back money owed or make cash gifts to friends of family for birthdays or weddings. The app also allows a customer to view transaction history within the Facebook website.

"With Facebook popularity skyrocketing to more than 55 percent of the population in Australia, we know our customers, particularly Facebook's core user base of 18-35 year olds, are looking for new ways to connect their banking and their lives, friends and causes within Facebook," states Commonwealth Bank's chief marketing and online officer, Andy Lark. "So what better way to respond than by giving them access to everyday banking and payments on their favorite social network?"

Accessed directly from the Commonwealth Bank Kaching Facebook page, the app is a scaled down version of a typical online banking app optimized for mobile using responsive design.