Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Capital One Continues to Innovate

Historically an aggressive marketer and innovator in the credit card industry, Captital One has expanded its reach in recent years, using their growing banking franchise as the foundation for introducing innovative banking products. In addition to having a relatively rich debit rewards program and expanding into online and small business banking, they have recently introduced a new savings product called "InterestPlus Online Savings".

The saving program offers an above market interest rate on balances over $2,500 in addition to a 10% quarterly interest bonus payment paid if the customer uses their Capital One credit card once a month.
The bonus can also be earned if the customer maintains a minimum balance of $15,000 each month. The bonus for using the credit card is similar to other promotions done by Captial One in the past 12-18 months to cross-sell services and relationships off their credit card foundation.

The promotion of the new service began in December of last year through the bank's web site, statement inserts, direct mail and with email according to Comperemedia. Using strong visual elements such as comparative bar graphs and icon buttons similar to what I have seen with ING mailings, it is clear that Capital One plans to leverage their strong marketing talents from the credit card industry in building a strong bank brand.

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