Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Little Note From BankSimple

After hearing about the vision of BankSimple several months ago, I decided to see if the development of another new online bank would be different. To begin with, I accepted their invite to be part of their beta test once the bank officially launched some time in 2011. Yes, I accepted an opportunity to be on a waiting list to potentially open an account.

As a lifelong bank marketer, I also followed the story of the bank's founders and the development BankSimple (The Buck Stops Here). I was intrigued by the fact that BankSimple would not really be a bank at all, but instead, simply provide a better front-end experience with a myriad of banks being used behind the scenes to generate the highest returns (and lowest costs) for their customers.

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Email Marketing Study Highlights Missed Opportunities for Bankers

As social media channels continue to proliferate and traditional communication channels become more expensive, bankers struggle with how to maximize the effectiveness of the email channel within their marketing mix according to a just released study from SubcriberMail, a Harland Clarke company. The study entitled, Email Marketing Within Financial Services Institutions, surveyed 71 banks and 191 credit unions, finding that email marketing among these organizations to be strong and growing.

But, while many organizations are leveraging email to inform and communicate news and product information (50% for both banks and credit unions) and even cross-sell existing customers (56% of credit unions/42% of banks), a far lower percentage of credit unions and banks use email as part of a multi-channel onboarding and/or activation process (26% and 27% respectively) or use email for delivery of an electronic receipt.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ten Bank Marketer Resolutions for 2011

It is the dawning of a new year in banking with many of the same challenges that we saw in 2010. Our industry continues to be viewed in a less than positive light from both the consumer and small business marketplace. 

The need for new customer growth and share of wallet expansion underpins the need for new sources of non-interest fee income at a time when regulations are dramatically reducing many traditional sources of revenue. In addition, the expansion of transaction and communication channels are changing the ways we interact with customers. 

These challenges are combined with an historically low interest rate environment and a credit environment where there is a massive amount of money to lend at a time when borrowing is more difficult and less desirable for many.

According to a national survey, the majority of personal resolutions in 2011 will revolve around saving money, losing weight, changing a bad habit and being closer to loved ones. Achieving any of these goals will take commitment, focus and changes in behavior. The same can be said for the resolutions I have developed from traveling the country over the past few months and being involved in a number of banks' annual planning efforts.

Here are areas where bank marketers believe they should focus in 2011: