Thursday, March 10, 2011

DDA Under Siege

As part of the planning committee for this year's BAI PaymentsConnect 2011, I would love to take credit for the great title of this program track, but I am not sure even the great minds at the BAI could have foreseen how apropos "DDA Under Siege" would be for bankers attending this year's conference that wraped up today in Phoenix.

If there was a unifying theme from the many sessions I participated in this week, it was that revenue lost from last year's Reg. E and this year's Durbin amendment can not be completely recaptured through repricing. Instead there needs to be a stronger focus on targeted customer acquisition, share of wallet growth strategies, retention, product innovation and cost containment. While everyone at the event seemed to be interested in what others were going to do around checking repricing, the energy was definitely focused on building a stronger platform for the future.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Checking Changes Make Onboarding and Cross-Selling More Important

Over the past several weeks, many of the larger banks across the country have announced significant changes to their checking account continuum, including elimination of traditional Free Checking, discontinuation of rewards programs, ceasing reimbursement of foreign ATM fees, as well as potential fees and transaction limits on debit cards.

While each of these strategies are intended to reduce costs or generate revenue in response to Reg E and the Durbin Amendment, these changes could also present a challenge to banks as they seek to increase engagement and gain share of wallet. This is because debit card use and rewards program enrollment were two of the more important account engagement criteria and basis for a broader relationship growth.