Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Mobile Banking Response to Reg E

In a June 9 webinar entitled, Mobile Alerts and Reg E presented by Javelin Strategy & Research in conjunction with ClairMail, there was a great discussion of how mobile banking and financial alerts can play an integral role in both the opting-in process and the enhancement of the customer experience after August 15.

By providing enhanced information about the customers accounts and allowing the customer to be 'in control,' the perceived value of mobile banking can be enhanced. In addition, the ability to use mobile banking alerts to help avoid OD and NSF fees enhances the value of the device even more. It was mentioned that as many as 90% of customers who receive alerts will actually take action based on the alert (through signing on to their online banking account (33%), calling (33%) or visiting the branch (14%)).

The ways mobile banking can assist a customer would be real time alerts, real time account balances, two-way interactive alerts and transfers (like the Chase Bank introduction recently), and mobile PFM tools. In other words, mobile enables a highly personalized, proactive interaction with the bank when an overdraft occurs.

From the bank's perspective, Clairmail emphasized that the mobile channel enables banks to generate new revenue, increase satisfaction, drive adoption and retention and help to eliminate customer distrust of the bank thanks to enhanced transparency. In addition, the mobile channel can allow the bank to cross-sell overdraft solutions at the time the customer can relate the most . . . when they about to have a transaction rejected or a fee imposed.

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