Monday, January 13, 2014

Customer Experience Innovation in Financial Services


Expectations from today's consumer are outpacing the ability for banks and credit unions to keep up. The digital consumer is hyper-connected, highly informed and demands a highly personalized approach with regards to communication, product development and customer service.

On January 13, 2014, I was the featured guest for a global Twitter chat hosted by @IBMbigdata entitled, "Customer Experience Innovation in Banking". During the hour, there were 158 participants, 1,095 posts and over 6M impressions!

Below is a sampling of the interchange (including my responses)

Q1: How does today's customer behavior and expectations in a constantly changing technological world impact banks?

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Q2: How can FIs improve the customer experience as customers move from the branch to digital channels?

Q3: How do banks, steeped in traditions, established product lines and culture, innovate?

Q4: What steps should banks take to utilize all information assets for a comprehensive understanding of markets and customers?

Q5: How can banks leverage data from empowered customers to uncover innovative ideas?

Q6: Should banks use tools from other industries such as instant mobile video support?

Q7: What specific innovations can assist with improving the customer experience within banks?

Q8: How can banks master Customer 3.0 and prepare for Customer2020?

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