Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tuesday Afternoon Tweets at Money2020 Combine Insightful & Snarky

After a very exciting morning of Money2020 new product announcements and visions for the future, it would be difficult to maintain the same energy level on Tuesday afternoon. 

As can be seen from the hashtag tracker below, #Money2020 tweets reached a crescendo during the opening keynotes, with more than 300 tweets during the 9:00(PT) hour.

Unfortunately, the other spike in tweets represented primarily snarky comments, as attendees became restless in expectation of a major announcement from the MCX panel than never occurred. This not uncommon at events like this, where a tone is set for the day and patience grows thin when all presentations don't deliver equally.

Even without the two major tweet spikes for the hashtag #Money2020, the discussion on twitter was robust throughout the day on Tuesday as it was on Monday. The combination of comments around megatrends as well as product insights made for interesting reading at the event as well as from afar. 

While there were over a hundred tweets during the MCX presentation, there was minimal 'love' since the presentation was long on self promotion and short on facts or a new product announcement. The audience was obviously still stoked from the morning sequence of new product announcements from payments leaders like Amazon, PayPal, Citi, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Thanks to all of the tweeters both at Money2020 in person as well as those who are living vicariously through others (@leimer). Your coverage and commentary on the event are invaluable.

Here are the top 10 tweeters who have used the #Money2020 hashtag to date.

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