Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Money2020 Hump Day Tweet Highlights

Wednesday at Money2020 started very strong with an early morning tweet chat hosted by Bank of America and attended by over 200 fintech followers in a live chat room and digitally.

Participants provided feedback on the topics they enjoyed the most, the biggest takeaway, what the future shopper would look like and what it will take to make mobile payments mainstream. Despite the early hour, the twitter volume hit event highs based on tracking shown below.

Despite many people heading back home, the momentum for the day didn't stop, with keynotes from Facebook, Bank of America and First Data being a bridge to excellent 'Launchpad' sessions where new products were introduced each day in 6 minute intervals similar to Finovate.

Highlights of tweets made up until the lunch are provided below.

Money2020 Word Cloud Created By My Friends at TSYS

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